5 easy spelling games to get your students engaged

How is the power of words appealing to us? In January of , almost million players signed in to use Wordle every day. This indicates not only the fun we have playing with words but our enjoyment watching others engage in the same way. In fact, in this year, there were more tweets on the Scripps National Spelling Bee than twittered about Game of Thrones or The Bachelorette! Our kids seem to enjoy words and spelling just the same way they do us, if not more.

Spell-a-thon! The active game of spelling will have your kids screaming for happiness. Cut colored papers and print one letter from the alphabet. You can choose all letters from your weekly spelling word and vocabulary terms for the class, or even other words that you’re currently teaching. Put them in a circular arrangement . One person should be in the center. After that, you should commit yourself to ask each student to stand in the middle of the circle. After they have had the turn of each to speak aloud, students can pull out a piece of paper from the bag. If they’re able to spell the letter perfect, they’ll be able to keep the letter.

You can enroll your school into the Scripps National Spelling Bee today! On the Scripps National Spelling Bee website simplifies the process of enrolling using the Enroll Today page. The students will be enthralled finding the right letters needed to spell the words. A simple bee can transform the classroom. This Scripps National Spelling Bee offers great resources that can help you.

Welcome to our spelling program. Our team has made a great video to walk you through the essentials you’ll need to begin. To aid you in your spelling, we have made fun and simple games. We are grateful for your choice and hope that the experience is fun for you.

Make use of Wordle for a simple and easy spelling game. Scripps National Spelling Bee provides information to assist students in making preparations for the contest. There are videos on the site as well as PDF files that will help determine if your bee will be a classroom-only or school-wide. There are also instructions for holding your bee either in person or on the internet.

Scripps Spelling Bee teachers will be able to use every resource and material required for instruction in literacy regardless of whether non-classes or classes are participating in actual Spelling Bee events. These include word lists, competition lists, step-by-step directions on how to keep tiny bees within your classroom , as well as school-wide, as well as more. Start by creating excitement among your students. It’s the best part! It will be a lot of fun for certain students. However, you can still get everyone excited about the spelling competition. There are some who find nothing more exciting than the prospect of prizes.

Learning Results

You can use Wordle to build a fast and simple spelling test for your pupils. Wordle allows you to input words and Wordle makes a word cloud for your children to play. This Scripps National Spelling Bee website includes resources that can help your students prepare for the bee, including videos and PDF files that can help you select whether the bee is going to be classroom-only or school-wide as well as instructions on how to hold your bee at your location or online.


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