Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time now. It was first conceived back in the 1950s by Richard Seligman and John McCarthy. They came up with the Artificial Intelligence experiment to prove that one could achieve objectives using simple machines. The results of this experiment are still being studied today.

In essence, artificial intelligence is computer science which displays or manifests itself by way of a machine. This may be in the field of medicine, chess programming, language understanding, or even machine learning. Artificial intelligence refers to any machine or computer system that shows intelligent behavior that can be attributed to a human in some way. The difference between human intelligence and machine intelligence is that whereas humans can only reason and think, machines can actually feel, think, and reason.

The difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence is that with machine learning, the machine can take instruction from a human and execute it. Another important difference between these two concepts is that while machine learning requires programming in the form of a program, artificial intelligence deals more with the actual implementation of the program as it is fed through the system. Nowadays, computer science has been enhanced by leaps and bounds when it comes to artificial intelligence. One of its many uses is as a system of decision making wherein it uses complex mathematical algorithm to solve problems. This is mostly used in the areas of medicine, military defense, and information technology.

Artificial intelligence also refers to a network of artificial neurons connected via a communication pathway. The basic definition of a neural network is that it is a collection of such networks where every single one of them weights together in a way that gives the output that is generated by them. One example of a neural network is the brain’s neural network which stores all learned information in memory for the use of the human brain.

In contrast with deep learning, which is used mostly by Google and other large companies for internet search and content analysis, artificial intelligence is used mainly in Information Technology (IT) related applications such as computer vision, voice recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, etc. Deep learning requires the creation of a large data corpus and then use the analysis of that data to create an artificial intelligence system. Another big advantage with artificial intelligence is that it is extensible and customizable. This means that one can create their own AI system by plugging in different types of behavioral metrics into the system. Deep learning on the other hand requires a large amount of training data and it is typically used in large institutions for training purposes.

So which is better artificial intelligence or a machine learning system? That debate will continue until the time when humans can completely duplicate the capabilities of machines. Until then, both are effective avenues to take for getting to the next stage of development. Artificial intelligence will most likely prevail over machine learning in the future as it provides a more practical application. Artificial intelligence or ai can also be defined as a way of obtaining intelligence without considering the factors of human interaction thus making machine learning more applicable in a practical setting.


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