Meet the Founders of SOMOS: Two Friends on a Mission to Change the Way We Eat Mexican Food

What is SOMOS.

SOMOS is a private not-for-profit entity that grants access to world-class soccer matches for Mexican citizens. The company has developed and runs the very first world-wide soccer tournament, featuring top teams from international competitions from around the world.

How can the business make use of SOMOS?

SOMOS will be used by the company to connect Mexican citizens with opportunities across North America, and internationally. The company also is planning to make use of SOMOS as a platform to increase awareness of Mexican interest and culture in North America and abroad.

What’s the significance of SOMOS.

SOMOS’s value has been estimated at $2.4 Billion. The business was created in 2014 by the entrepreneur Hector Jose Alvarez and his wife, Margarita Fernandez, with an aim of helping small businesses operating in Mexico to achieve an sustainable growth.SOMOS has dispensaries in all cities in Mexico’s 31 and is planning to open 1,000 dispensaries across the country by 2020. That will bring the total number of dispensaries at 10,000. SOMOS offers an app which allows users to access dispensaries using their mobile devices. SOMOS plans to expand its operations into the production of scents as well as landscaping. In order to capitalize on this growth opportunity, SOMOS put money into an R&D centre to research and develop the next generation of cannabis-based products.How can you make an investment in SOMOS?How Should You Invest in SOMOS?

There are several ways you can invest in SOMOS:

A) Buy shares: Somos has a share price in the range of $2.40 per share. It is available for sale through the company webpage (www.somosllc.). Visit the site and enter the price you prefer to purchase, currently $2.40. Select”buy,” then the “buy” button, then enter the Mexican Pesos initial investment amount. After that, click “confirm,” followed by “submit”. Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page , where you can review your purchase before clicking “finalize. “B) Keep your shares: If you opt to retain the shares you purchased, keep an eye on the financials of the company as they could change from month to month due to changes in sales , or any other operation within Somos Holdings Incorporated (SOMOS). It’s best to avoid investing in the stock more than half of the portfolio, as profit margins could drop. C) Make investments outside of Mexico: Investors looking to gain exposure to some of the most exciting business models within Latin America can find many choices. One of the best options is to invest in Mexican stocks through Grupo Financiero Banco de Mexico (GFB), a financial institution that invests into Mexican businesses, as well as Brazilian real estate with Rede Real Estate S.A. (RRE).

How can you invest into SOMOS and what is the company’s worth?

SOMOS’s capability to supply dispensaries in Mexico using GrowOp licenses permits, licenses, and other services is the reason it is so useful. Though the company’s primary focus is focused on selling dispensary permits, marketing and selling cannabis products to Mexican pharmacies and other professionals in Mexico as well, it will expand its services into areas like fragrance manufacturing and landscaping. In order to capitalize on the opportunity available, the company invested in a R&D centre that is able to develop the latest cannabis-based products.

What are the benefits of Investing in SOMOS.

Investing in SOMOS can provide a number of benefits, including:-Increasing liquidity and reducing the risk of missed opportunities.-Providing access to new and innovative technology that can help you make better investments.-Creating an increased sense of security for your assets thanks to the blockchain technology used in SOMOS.

What are the benefits of SOMOS?

SOMOS ownership could bring many advantages.


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