The job market in Illinois is slowly recovering, but it’s not yet back to pre-recession levels.

Illinois sees job growth in August.

The state saw 4,100 job growth during August. This is a significant improvement over July’s 1,800 job openings and increases the state’s employment increase to 8.4% since January of the year. Many jobs were created in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Additionally, the Illinois Department of Employment Services said that recent hires have mostly been from the health care as well as social assistance industries (which increased by two percent) and marketing (up 7percent), education (up 5percent), transportation (up by 5%) and healthcare/patient services (up by 2%).).

What exactly is what is the Illinois Economy.

The Illinois economy is currently experiencing an increase. In the last year it has witnessed growth in employment with 4,100 new positions added. This is a sign that Illinois’ economy is expanding and is evidence of Governor Bruce Rauner’s accomplishments in creating employment and raising the standard of living.

Illinois has experienced an increase in employment

Strong job growth is evident on the Illinois job market. In August, the amount of positions in Illinois was greater than what the previous month prior to July 2014. This increase in jobs can be traced to a myriad different factors. These include one:) increased demand for goods and services offered by companies throughout the state, and) the increased investments made by companies and entrepreneurs in Illinois.

Illinois August Job Gains

In August it was reported that the Illinois economy saw an increase of over 4,100 positions. It is clear that Illinois has seen continued growth in its economy. This is due to both rising wages and increased business activity. Additionally, there are also more people searching for work in Illinois. There are strong job opportunities. In August, Illinois witnessed a 2,700 jobs growth. This suggests that the state is seeing continued growth of its economy. It can be attributed to the increase in business activity and wages. Illinois is also witnessing the growth of people who are looking for employment. The state still has strong jobs opportunities.


The report for August on Illinois jobs growth reported astounding 2.2 percent rise in unemployment. Also, there was an impressive rise in economic activity in the state. This proves that the Illinois Economy is growing and that there are opportunities to find work opportunities in the state.


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