Why timed rewards are bad for players: a case against the grind

Timed Rewards Can Be Negative For Players.

If players earn rewards for completing tasks that are time-bound, such as achievements or playing in the time frame specified, it can leave players frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. This can lead to them getting their tasks done too early or not finishing the game in any way.

The amount you earn could be affected by time of your payouts

Rewarding players on time can negatively impact the bottom line of players, as they may lead to lower rates of success. The motivation of players may decrease to complete tasks that can help them achieve the long-term objectives if rewards are based only on the short-term results.

Timed Rewards Can negatively Affect Your Score

The players must be prepared and willing to work for hours to achieve their full potential as players. If rewarded based on shorter-term objectives rather than longer-term results, this may not only affect player satisfaction but also their overall performance. If players aren’t willing to make the extra effort are not likely to achieve their game goals. This can have an adverse effect on their score overall and their competitiveness in the gaming community.

Tips to avoid timed rewards.

People who receive rewards overly quickly may end up in the position of not reaching the goals they have set for themselves. It’s important to create dates for benefits you’ll get. As an example, if you plan to buy the latest car, make a time frame for when you feel confident that you can afford the purchase. People may be pushed to buy something if rewards do not come in quick enough following the event happened or the goal was accomplished.

Don’t give Rewards too soon

In the event of giving too much rewards the players could become disillusioned and quit trying to reach their goals. This could result in a decrease in efficiency and motivation. This will influence the overall efficiency of the group. The team members may have a difficult time to satisfy demand when they are promised bonuses or other rewards as soon as they complete assignments and reach their targets. Section 2.3 Don’t Reward yourself Excessively or Prematurely They could be at the disadvantage, and experience less success all-around.

Here are some helpful tips on how to steer clear of rewarding positive outcomes

Make sure you give reward amounts that correspond to the level of achievement. For example, a 100% completion prize might be unsuitable for someone who only completes a few tasks in a day. Instead, provide them with the opportunity to be rewarded for completing a task that’s hard but nevertheless achievable to finish.

Do Not Give Rewards That Too Soon

It’s frustrating and frustrating to award rewards in a hurry after having had success. Make rewards accessible for a limited amount of time , so that players can have time to reflect on their accomplishments and reach the new targets. This helps build loyalty and encourage them to play even if they’re not feeling great about their current performance.

Stay Up-to-Date on Financial News

Be up to date with the latest financial news is vital to ensure your tranquility and for keeping players informed about how their rewards are impacting their pockets. It will help you control your spending and plan future campaigns through keeping track of the ways players are spending their money and earning it.


Video games are a rewarding and enjoyable experience. But, they could become addictive which can cause serious harm. To prevent negative rewards take care to be conscious of rewards that are offered to players and do not make them available too early. Be aware of economic news to stay informed about changes to incentives offered. With these suggestions and tricks, you will be able to make you make your playing more enjoyable for everyone involved.


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