Certis CISCO’s Improved Firearms Return Procedures

An Certis CISCO Officer took his own life in the month of September, 2020. The security company has since implemented changes to enhance its tracking and return procedures in response to the tragedy. A coroner’s report has revealed that Certis’ operational control officer was notified of an AEMS message issued by Certis CISCO advising him that Elanko did not return his revolver since September 19, the 19th of September, 2020, around 11:59pm. Officers tried to get in touch with Mr. Elanko several times, but was unsuccessful in contacting him. The morning of the next day, an officer called his friend Mr. Elanko at his residence to discover that he was dead from an accidental gunshot injuries.

1. Which email alert was opened by Certis CISCO Officer? Certis CISCO Officer?

Certis CISCO Officer received an announcement via email about new procedure for returning firearms. This was in response to the suicide of an officer in the year 2020. 2. What was the content of this email? The email said that the company made adjustments to its firearms returns processes following the suicide of a police officer in 2020. The company explained that the modifications were made in order to facilitate officers to take back their guns following their shifts. 3. What were some changes made? Amendments to the law allow officers to return firearms to any Certis CISCO location, and not only to the location they were assigned.

2. What was the improvement made to the security firm’s policies?

Certis CISCO implemented improvements in its firearms returns procedures after the death of the officer. Every officer is required to undergo a psycho-psychological assessment prior to being permitted to use firearms. The evaluation is intended to detect any possible mental health issues that could be a cause for an officer to harm themself or other officers. The assessment must be performed by a licensed mental health professional and must be reviewed annually on a basis. Certis CISCO requires all officers to be a part of firearms education. The officers will be taught how to properly use firearms.

A Brief Summary

SINGAPORE: When an Certis CISCO officer took his own life in 2020 the security company improved the way it tracks issued guns and making sure they are prompt return, the coroner’s inquiry has found. According to coroner’s findings released the following Wednesday (Jul 20), state coroner Adam Nakhoda ruled the death of staff sergeant Nadzrie Matin, aged 33, suicide.


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