The Pros and Cons of Smart TVs

When it comes to buying new TVs for your smart home, new models aren’t the only ones that are in the market. There are some things you should keep in mind. These include costs, HDR compatibility, and Refresh rates. You’ll hopefully find the right set for you.


It’s likely to be the case that we’ll see a number of HDR-compatible smart TVs on the market in the next couple of years. We’ll take a look at some of the models available before we become excited for what’s to come. You have the option of choosing from four dimensions of the latest LG G2 OLED. It’s part of LG’s new Gallery Series. It’s designed to appear like a painted wall and is free of pedestals, feet, stand, as well as feet typically seen on other TVs.

Another option to consider is another option is LG G1. It has a stunning 75-inch 4K display and supports HDR10 and HDLG. The display also has Google Assistant compatibility and four HDMI ports. It’s an excellent value for cinephiles, costing nearly $1,500 lower than OLED-based counterparts.

Refresh rates

The word “refresh” is used to describe the number of frames that can be displayed on TV screens. Refresh rates that are high improve picture quality and lessen flickering. Newer models from Samsung come with 120Hz refresh rates. Older models might only be able to support 60Hz rates of refresh. The option to change between 120Hz and 60Hz to experience the very best combination of both.

The Samsung 32 inch LED TV features a 60 Hz refresh rate. The television has a high-gloss black surface and comes with two HDMI ports. It is not as advanced as the higher-end models, but it is a great gaming device. The freesync function can help reduce screen tearing while playing games on video. Although the 60Hz refresh rate could not be optimal to play console games, it’s enough for regular PC gamers.

Color acuity

Technology, like quantum dots, is revolutionizing the way televisions display color. The smart TVs that use this technology will show truer colors and enhance the experience of those who have low vision. This technology is expected to increase color vision, vibrancy and brightness.


Smart TVs can be a great option if you are searching for ways to boost the quality of your entertainment at home. They have more capabilities like voice control, streaming and voice command, which can ease your life. A variety of models are available from as little as $2,000.

Samsung, LG and Sony have different pricing and options. They also offer discounts for their televisions. There are bundles available with laser projectors or soundbars to save you money.


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