Get Your Students Moving with These Unique Phys Ed Games!

Physical education classes are something that kids need to unwind and get some energy. At the time when gym membership was popular, it could have been a run for a bit and playing kickball or dodgeball. There have also been countless variations and various games that have been invented since. There are plenty of choices. The equipment requirements to play these games remains minimal. Make sure you have some basic items available, including *****, Hula-hoops, parachutes and bean bags.

Our most loved elementary PE games are those that challenge your mind and body. Bring some Hula-Hoops along with some bean bags and get ready for a blast! Find out more about: S&S Blog Blob Tag is a game where two students start with the Blob and as they tag other kids, they will become an integral part with the Blob. Always practice how safe it is to tag while stressing the importance of using soft touch. Discover more information: Playworks Cross the River is a great game to get learners thinking and moving. Make sure you demonstrate safety crossings and emphasize that you must look both ways prior to crossing.

Students must complete multiple levels of this game, such as “Get To the Isle”, “Cross the River” and “You have lost a Rock.” Discover more about the PE Specialist .

It is the first time that players start with a ball and attempt to hit all of the runners as they traverse the gymnasium or the field. When a person is injured by a spider, they will be a spider themselves. You can visit for further information. Crab Soccer can be played at the same levels as traditional soccer. Players must use all their fours , and remain in their posture in a crawl. For more information, please go to: Playworks Halloween Tag is the best PE game you can play throughout October.

This game is not only entertaining but is also helpful for students who have hand-eye coordination. They will have fun pushing their ***** in the gym playing with the pool noodles as they build their caterpillars.

Parachute Tug-of-War can be a fun game for students that helps them develop their reaction time as well as strategic planning. It’s great that there’s minimal setup to be completed prior to playing. Learn more: S&S Blog . It’s so simple and yet entertaining! All you need to do is get enough participants to create two teams. The students should be on the opposite side of the parachute after which they play to see who wins! Mom Junction gives more details.


The game is not just it entertaining, but it is useful to improve hand-eye coordination. The kids will enjoy pushing their ***** across the gymnasium with the help of pool noodles as they build their caterpillars. It’s an enjoyable opportunity for the students to enjoy the chance to exercise and increase their coordination.


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