How to use your horoscope to maximize your productivity

It is advised that you refrain from shopping or making any decisions after : p.m. Chicago time. The moon will then have changed from Cancer and will be in Leo. Aries (March -April Today you will be focused upon family and your home. There is a chance that you’ll be in a little conflict with somebody, maybe even aggressive. However, if you join forces with a partner or trusted friend, you’ll be able to make a difference. Taurus (April through May): You’ve got the drive to succeed. Be sure to avoid minor tiffs regarding religious, political or social questions. Do not allow your adversaries to hinder your progress.

The month of June can be a very productive day for those who work in the field of arts, business of entertainment or the hotel industry. There is also plenty of work to be done if your job involves training children, or coaching sports. Be sure to avoid arguments regarding money or things. Cancer (June -July Today you have the Moon in your Sign, however, it is being challenged by certain planets. If you’re angry with anger, frustration or rage, it may cause you be distracted. It is possible to get into the possibility of fighting with a partner or close family member. It’s not the best decision to make. Focus instead on your ambitions and goals.

The power of your energy can help you make big strides when it comes to home improvements. Leo make use of your talent of persuasion to draw people around you to your cause – whether it is getting approval for your current project or selling your latest item. Don’t let anyone stop them; Virgo has the qualities for financial negotiation success. Your money-making skills are sharp So, listen to your gut and follow your goals.

Libra If you are Libra, you’re blessed with plenty of energy to work with this day. Libra, the sun Mercury, Venus, and fiery Mars are all within the realm of your sign. This makes you quite formidable! Avoid getting lost in the smallest disputes between parents or bosses simply keep on moving ahead. Scorpions, you’re likely to get into arguments with your siblings, family members, or even your neighbors today. Try not to get into heated arguments and focus only on the things which are significant to you. You’ve got the internal ability and the confidence to achieve and so, be sure to trust your intuition and remain on track.

It’s a wonderful day to lead a group. You will be heard by others and they’ll follow you. But, it’s possible to be distracted by money disputes or disputes over shared responsibility. You shouldn’t pay too much attention to them. Choose what you can do. You make a great impression to parents, bosses instructors, VIPs and police. Whatever you do, you can do it with confidence, conviction and authority. That’s why they respect your authority and respect you. Be careful not to let personal conflicts stop your pursuit of what you would like to achieve.

Aquarius (Jan.-Feb.): This is an energetic sign that may travel and discover new concepts and connect with others from other cultures. It also means that you’re willing to go to any extent to get the information needed to meet your goals. Be aware of any minor conflicts at work or concerns about the health of your pet or even your own. Pisces (Feb.-March): You can make use of this day to in settling inheritance disputes, apply for a loan or mortgage You will also take control of your finances.


It is clear that it can be very influential to initiate within a group. One must however be conscious of any issues that could arise. The goal is to achieve what you would like to do, and not be involved in disputes with others.


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