How the climate in Ukraine is affecting the people

Everyone would like to hear at some point in their life. It’s the Swedish Academy of Sciences ringing you up to say You won the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize was awarded in a different way for John Clauser (American physicist) who was awarded the Nobel for his studies on quantum mechanics. It is 9am GMT (Singapore timing) at 9am, the Nobel Peace Prize winner will be presented in Oslo. This announcement comes against the background of Russia’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine and has thrown Europe into its most severe crises in the years since World War II. The rest of the disciplines to be made public in Stockholm Oslo, the Peace Prize is Oslo’s only Nobel.

A Quick Review

So …. which person will win the Nobel Peace Prize this year? It will be interesting to see the results when it comes to this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. It is only a guess, however that the prize might be given to Vladimir Putin critics or climate activist.


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