How to make the most of San Diego’s online news scene

On Tuesday on Tuesday, the San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards took place in Balboa Park. During the event, the newspaper was awarded six awards including the best local news website. The entries that won the top spot, Contributing photographer Chris Stone and Contributing editor Ken Stone, a married pair from La Mesa, collected and honors respectively for their photography, reporting and video abilities. Both of them worked together on two projects andChris Stone was able to win all three places in photojournalism for news photos. And, finally, Chris Jennewein, Del Mar’s publisher and editor, was presented with a personal certificate in appreciation of his election.

Times of San Diego is honored to have been named one of the top news websites within San Diego six times. We are grateful to Ken, Chris, JW and all the members of our staff, Times of San Diego continues to gain new readers and receive high-quality recognition.

Three men were recognized in the San Diego Union Tribune staff and contributors for their outstanding achievements for their work in the fields of news, media, and public relations. For example, CBS reporter Steve Fiorina received the Harold Keen Award for the Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism. The binational PR executive Jorge D’Garay received the Andy Mace Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Relations. Additionally, the former KGTV Chief Assignment Editor Brad McLellan received the Jim Reiman Award for outstanding media Management.

The Times of San Diego is proud to announce that it has won the first place in three categories in vice’s competition. This year, the Times of San Diego staff took home the category for news sites Chris Jennewein claiming the lead in the category. Jennewein won the category of election coverage for his piece, “Voter Guide: San Diego County and State Races during June Primary Election”. And in the essay/commentary/opinion category, Jennewein won for his article “Newspapers Squandered Their Monopoly-Era Profits and Now Blame Google and Facebook.

One “Honor Flight’s Ending Trip in the wake of WWII, Korean War” Photography (still): Portrait: Chris Stone, “Honor Flight’s Lone Female Veteran: Final Trip towards D.C.

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Everyone can learn from one another.

Honor Flight is an excellent program, and it’s always uplifting to hear about the personal stories of those who took part. But there’s one major omission from the program – female veterans. Though it’s unfortunate the number of female veterans isn’t available to fill an whole flight of honor it doesn’t mean they are any less significant. The Honor Flight program is a fantastic way to provide veterans the respect they deserve . It is vital to keep supporting it.


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