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Santa Clara County Executive announced on Thursday that he was resigning, bringing to an end a nearly a year-long career of public service. In his tenure , Smith has guided the county through a variety of issues, such as recovering from the financial crisis, expanding its role in offering essential services as the population increased, and helping to protect hospitals in need throughout the COVIDdisease. Santa Clara County stated that Smith’s work over the past nearly a decade will benefit residents and workers for many years.

Smith admitted that he holds immense faith in our county team and is proud to have been a part of it. “It has been a great honor serving the community with our employees from the county and county employees, who help to hold the fabric of society together.” Smith was the county executive who led the county’s dramatic rise in the county’s economic growth and service demands. As he was first stepping into the position of county executive in the summer of 2004, the county’s budget was approximately $. billion. It’s now at $.

As the lead manager for workers in various county services and departments, Smith transformed the culture of office into goals-driven, cross-boundary workspaces. The approach “translated in the form of the county being a national leader in employees’ learning, innovative solutions and delivery of services,” it said. Former county supervisor Ken Yeager praised Smith for looking to change the county’s executive leadership more like the community at large and for hiring diverse department heads and higher-ranking officials.

Under the direction by Smith, Santa Clara County achieved significant improvements on social issues. Santa Clara County was among the first to have an LGBTQ-focused office. It was in April that the Children’s Advocacy Center marked its inaugural year as an organization that is a national model for providing assistance to young abuse victims. When the COVIDthe pandemic of COVID, Smith made use of his unique expertise to lead the county. He received his medical degree from the U.S.C.’s School of Medicine and having worked as the chief medical director for Contra Costa County Health Services.

I am extremely grateful for the Dr. Smith for his leadership during this time of need. His knowledge of health care and public service is extremely valuable. The supervisor Susan Ellenberg said, “Public service is obviously a deep calling to the Dr. Smith and his work for our community has been awe-inspiring.” It is my opinion that I cannot be more agree with. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic Dr. Smith has been an outstanding figurehead.

Under Smith’s leadership it was reported that the county had implemented under his leadership, the American Care Act was implemented as well as investment in low-income housing expanded as well as “redevelopment agencies that had long removed funds from schools and other safety-net benefits” were dissolved. Smith was shocked when he learned it was the case that Santa Clara County granted the commission at a high cost for publishing a book of government history on the spouse of an ex-South Bay politician in June.

In an overview

Thanks doctor. Smith, for your leading role during this difficult period. Your experience and knowledge of management of health care is valuable. Supervising Susan Ellenberg said, “Public service is obviously a deep demand of Smith. Smith and his work for our community has been tremendous.” I couldn’t be more in agreement. Although the pandemic presented many difficulties however, Smith is a remarkable leader. Smith is an outstanding person to lead.


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