Dream SMP Quiz – Who Are You?

If you are a Minecraft fan, you’ve probably heard about Dream SMP, an invite-only survival multiplayer server. Created by Dream and GeorgeNotFound, Dream SMP allows players to roleplay in a unique storyline. The game has gained worldwide popularity, with an active audience on YouTube and Twitch.
Quiz on the Dream SMP

If you want to know which popular gamer you most resemble, try taking a quiz on the Dream SMP. This quiz is only 15 questions, and it will reveal your likeness to other gamer celebrities. It’s a fun way to find out your likeness and find the perfect match.

Dream SMP has been around for one year now. Its fans are millions strong. In June of 2019, it had a little over four million subscribers. By the end of the year, it had grown to over 16 million subscribers. In the beginning, there were only four members. But over the next two months, the Dream SMP team expanded exponentially. Soon, it was joined by Bad Boy Halo and Ponk. Purpled and Awesamdude also joined.
Characters in the game

Dream SMP is a role-playing game, which was created by Dream, Sapnap, and GeorgeNotFound. Currently, there are more than 20 characters in the game. The characters are given a page on IMDB. At first, things were fine. But, then, Tommyinnit appeared and started burning down Punz’s tree, inspired by Wilbur Soot. He subsequently started the L’manberg nation.

Several characters appear as alliances and factions in the game. Alliances are important for the plot in survival-multiplayer games. In this game, there are two major alliances: “Plan To Kill Dream” and “Pro-Omlette & Anti-Eggpire.” The other alliance is said to be disbanded.
Disc Saga storyline

The storyline of the Disc Saga is quite unique from the other video games in the series. The premise of the game is that Dream is a man who can revive the dead and is put in the ‘Pandora’s Vault’ for later use. Awesamdude believes that the system is safe, but it has been discovered that people have actually visited Dream inside the vault. When Tommy and Tubbo visited Dream, they fought him to the death, and Dream lost two of his cannon lives. Dream was then placed in the ‘Pandora’, which is the vault constructed by Awesamdude.
Thomas Careful Danger Kraken Innit

TommyInnit is the ninth member of The Dream SMP. His full name is Thomas Careful Danger Kraken Innit, but he goes by Tommy for short. He’s a confident, brash, and selfish guy. He enjoys making jokes, especially about women, and getting into trouble whenever he can. Tommyinnit is also a war veteran and the vice president of L’Manburg. The series revolves around his adventures in these places.
Clay aka Dream

Dream, or Clay as he is also known, is the most popular member of the Dream SMP gaming community. He has the highest number of followers on social media, is frequently watched on live streams, and has his own Dream SMP server. Dream is 22 years old and is from California.

Dream SMP is an online gaming community where players can find videos, vlogs, challenge videos, and other content. The team has an active Youtube channel, which contains content ranging from Minecraft challenge videos and vlogs to other entertainment content. Clay, aka Dream, is known for his fast running and Minecraft Manhunt series.


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