A must-see movie for horror fans this Christmas: watch Black Christmas on Hulu

The majority of movies that would never have been seen are now able to get their message out to the world via streaming services. Hulu is becoming the place to stream some of the best movies out there with brand new projects or old favourites, as well as many types that will premiere in the course of the month.

For some, it’s unsettling to go from the horror-themed, dark Halloween celebration to Christmas’s joyful mood. Black Christmas is a good alternate film, with a Christmas Eve-themed horror plot. Related: The Best Slasher Movie Franchises, Ranked By IMDb A remake of the popular slasher classic, Black Christmas is a horror film that follows an escaped killer that hides inside an sorority residence on Christmas Eve. He then begins picking off sisters living there.

Although he’s most well-known for his comical humor, Adam Sandler was a great actor in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love. This movie changed Sandler’s stereotypecasting. Sandler played the sad and lonely businessman who is in the love of his sister’s most beloved friend. It’s a comedy of love with an adorable and touching story. Along with Sandler’s great role, Philip Seymour Hoffman has a brief but hilarious role in the film as well.

A beloved classic comedy, Office Space follows the character of a man that feels miserable with his crushing work environment and discovers the motivation to get back on track in the moment he decides to stop caring. Through its plethora of humorous quotations and unforgettable moments, Office Space has long been called one of the top comedy films about the humour of working in an office.

Movies of the S: Say Anything (is one of the most beloved s rom-coms which fans will love. Ione Skye stars as a successful valedictorian with a bright future, who starts a relationship with a charming underachiever (John Cusackin the summer following graduation. This film beautifully depicts the happiness and sadness of growing up, as well as the rising-of-age anxiety. John Mahoney, Skye’s father and a fantastic actor. The movie is also romantic and leaves viewers with a smile.

In , Robert Rodriguez made his directorial debut in El Mariachi. El Mariachi was a mass film and was the beginning for the next series of action films. Once Upon a Time in Mexico closes the trilogy with the most famous of characters. Antonio Banderas is back as the guitar-toting gunman in search of revenge. The cast is fantastic, including Eva Mendes and Willem Dafoe as well as Johnny Depp, who plays an odd CIA agent. If you haven’t watched Tootsie and are looking for the ideal time to try out the timeless comedy. Dustin Hoffman plays the role of a struggling actor who disguises herself as a woman in order to secure the role on a popular daytime soap.


As a conclusion, Say Anything is a classic film that viewers will enjoy. Ione Skye stars as a accomplished valedictorian with a promising future, who starts a relationship with an attractive underachiever (John Cusack) as she prepares for summer graduation. This film beautifully captures the joy and sorrow of growing older, and the battle to find the love of your life. John Mahoney who is Skye’s father, is also a great actor. It’s also romantic and will leave viewers with a smile.


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