The impact of the program on Haitian families and children.

Access and Visitation Programme (V.I.) launched the pilot-week parenting program for Haitian Community. The Department of Justice Paternity and Child Support Division has been ended. A graduation ceremony was held to celebrate the program’s participants who attended on October at Living Word Family Ministries in Smith Bay. This program was established to promote healthy parent-child relationships to improve safety for children as well as their health. The class taught practical methods to parent together as well as more father involvement in the child’s educational. In funding the services towards achieving those goals Departments demonstrate their desire to build stronger families as well as helping children stay safe.

AVP is grateful to the parents as well as other members of the community who contributed to the success of the program piloted by the AVP. The virtual classes were offered between August and October on Mondays from 12:pm to 1:pm. It covered subjects like the current parenting classes like Mother’s Matter and Fatherhood Buzz. In the absence of the First Haitian Baptist Church in St. Thomas, this beneficial program wouldn’t be possible.

“Programs such as this play an an important role in developing positive qualities, values and life-skills among our youths,” said AG George. AVP’s AVP Team was overwhelmed by its positive results from the parenting classes, as well as partnership in partnership with First Haitian Baptist Church in St. Thomas. It’s encouraging to know that Haitians are in the process of requesting more services.

. In order to encourage successful co-parenting, it’s important to set the right atmosphere. This includes understanding power and control within family relationships. It is also important to understand the mother’s role in promoting the healthy relationship between father and child. . Family members’ physical and mental wellbeing can be affected by dad is absent. To stay clear of these undesirable outcomes, it’s essential for fathers and mothers to establish a mutual respect relationship and learn conflict resolution skills. . The relationship between parents and children can be enhanced by establishing the right structures and discipline for each child in addition to identifying the preferred way of communicating and affectionate language of every child. . Time spent with Mom and Dad is essential to ensure children’s physical and mental security.

Sandra Garcon deserves my appreciation for all she did to help us learn our native language. I’ve learned a lot that will benefit my family and myself as well as an organization I’m currently engaged in with children. I also want to acknowledge the DOJ to facilitate this great program which gives us an opportunity to vent. Renold Mothe (father of five) also felt the same. Renold Mothe said his children are happier because of the coordination between the parents and their children.

“At the ceremony, Mothe said that the Access and Visitation Program is essential because it gives mandatory grant funding to states as well as territories to manage it. The Program is vital for families and children according to Joseph Thomas-Jacobs, Saurel and Thomas.

Learning End-Results

I’d like to convey my sincere gratitude towards Sandra Garcon for her efforts in educating us in the language we speak. Many things have been learned and I’m able to apply to improve my life and that of my family along with my current program in which I manage with my children. Additionally, I’d like thank the DOJ to facilitate this great program that gives us the opportunity to express ourselves. Father of five, Renold Mothe also expressed these feelings. The father of five said thanks to everyone who coordinated the event for his parents, he’s more of a parent.


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