5 things to know about the Lakers’ minor roster tweaks

The Lakers will have 10 players per game. The Lakers will have 10 players on the court at once, which will allow players to become more comfortable. This could involve adding players who are part of the D-League or trading players. The Lakers are also required to determine who will be starting and back up at different positions.The Lakers Will Need Some Minor roster changes in order to produce the final roster for preseasonIn order for the Lakers to make the final pre-season roster, they will need some other minor changes too. A possible change is adding members from the D-League. Transferring players could be another option. If any of the options do not work, Laker management could have make use of their discretion to select their final preseason roster.who is going to start as point guard and who will begin at the shooting guard.The Lakers will start point guard Lonzo Ball and shooting guard KentaviousCaldwell-Pope their opening evening. It is possible that they will have to alter the roster prior to their game against with the Portland Trail Blazers in the last preseason game on the 16th. How will this affect their chances to play in the playoffs?


If they want to be on the final roster on time for preseason, the Lakers will have to adjust their roster. They’ll be affected due to the fact they will be starting playing two shooters and point guards. If everything goes according to plans, then the Lakers could make the playoffs in 2018-19.


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