Martin Scorsese laments the lack of quality films being made

There’s a phrase within the film industry which refers to “The Scorsese Curse”: It describes the way that many film directors who are successful had their movies ruined because of public opinion. A lot of people see their movies as being too harsh and dramatic and filled with action sequences and not enough story. The result is a poor reception, and sometimes failed box-office projections.

Industries are a source of evil that spreads through the overreach

Many of the industry’s leaders have been found to be corrupt and typically don’t have the clout required to be successful. This can result in a lot of damage to society. Businessmen who are corrupt push for legislation that is detrimental to their businesses or industries, that can cause harm to the general public as well as the environment.

The industry’s top executives are not often recognized enough

The situation presents a further issue: many executives in the industry don’t have sufficient information about the world. They could make poor business choices that could put themselves in danger and others. A lot of business people don’t understand people’s feelings who are concerned about the climate crisis. This could lead to their pushing for policies that make it more difficult for businesses and individuals to combat climate change.

Social Harm is often result of the leadership in industry

The leaders of the industry, in the end, can harm society by punishing rivals, or by creating fake news in order to increase profit margins and market share. This can cause a lot of harm for everyone involved, including humans and the environment.

Industries are often too implicated in the economic system.

This can pose a challenge to economic growth when an organization is too aggressive in its offerings or services. This can result in innovation and create new opportunities for employees. The growth of this kind could result in increased expenses and an increase in sales. In these situations, overreaching could lead to a recession in the economy.

Exercise too often could cause economic decline

Companies can be affected by overreaching when their services and products do not meet the expectations of customers. The company could release an item that’s defective or cause harm to customers, that could cause an economic crash. The overextension could lead to economic downturns, in the event that businesses that produce similar products or services perform better than ones who are stretched too far.

Exercise too often could cause environmental damage

An organization that creates environmental harm without realizing it could lead to destruction of forests and other types of destruction. This could result in environmental harm and impact people who live near the coastline. Seafood could be harder to find and tourism could also be affected by climate change.

Industries may be agresiv and can cause damage to the society.

Overreaching in the field can lead to massive, complicated projects that have very little or no benefit to the public. In some cases, leaders of industry do not realize the risks their business could create. The executives of film companies may be unaware of the negative impact their investments could be having on the society at large, as an example, when they approve costly and controversial films.

A lot of industry leaders cause more harm than good.

There is a chance for certain individuals in the industry to perform outstanding work , but it’s also likely that they cause harm like economic instability, ecological destruction, and social turmoil. It is possible that we repeat the errors of the industry’s leaders and following the example of their leaders.

If they are too ambitious Industry leaders could cause damage to the society

A lot of industry professionals try to do too much using a limited amount of resources. The result is significant cost and waste, and initiatives that provide no impact on the public or have no sustainability. Excessive expansion can result in negative effects to society as a whole including increased air pollution and a gap between those with resources and those that do not.


The overreaching of industry executives is an opportunity for evil to be spread. They could put society at risk through the creation of products that don’t meet the standards of their industry. They can trigger economic downturns, or even slow the growth rate. Exercise too often can lead to ecological damage as well as social harm. This is why it’s important to be made known and be aware of to protect the loved ones of those they love.


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