Introducing America’s best new bar – come check it out!

Dan Meiser, the owner of the Mystic, Connecticut restaurant, Port of Call, opened the brand new bar in March. Renee Touponce created an international restaurant inspired by the port cities. Jade Ayala is a mixologist who developed cocktails inspired by port cities. The menu pairs the drinks with food items.

Port of Call

Following the most recent Food & Wine Awards, Newport Beach’s Port of Call is proud to be awarded one of the highest recognitions given to the nation. The nautical-themed bar and restaurant celebrates and honors international cocktails culture. It also offers the arcade, beers and a dinner based on drinks.

Death & Co.

The initial list of 50 of North America’s Top Bars was unveiled live at Capitale which is located in New York City, and the bar that was named the winner was Attaboy bar which is a speakeasy on the Lower East Side. Bar’s founders Sam Ross, Michael McIlroy as well as their former bar Milk & Honey were honored by the creation of this bar. The staff of the bar honor Sasha Petraske, the late bar’s owner.

Katana Kitten

Katana Kitten may not be your typical cocktail bar but it’s among the most talked about bars in America. It’s a bar that combines Japanese bartending with the west Village’s dive bar. It has been in operation since 2018but is currently on the list of best bars of the world.


The Montero’s Bar that is being built situated in Brooklyn Heights, New York is situated at the number 73 Atlantic Avenue. The original sign was bulldozed during 1947, by Robert Moses, who wanted to build a container port as well as an expressway. It was nevertheless open in spite of the recession in economy, more crimes and wealth-influx.

Sidney’s Five

Sidney’s Five East Village restaurant and bar are located. Drinks here are excellent as are the meals, which are amazing, too. Mini martini cocktails are served in addition to free chocolate-covered strawberries. The menu also includes a huge food menu , including small dishes as well rich dishes like the andouille corn dogs. Sidney’s Five has a five-day operating hours from until 5 p.m. until closing. It’s always busy.

Saint Tuesday

The Saint Tuesday Bar, a speakeasy-inspired bar located that is located in New York City has opened its doors. It is situated 2 floors lower than that of the Walker Hotel in Tribeca. The interior is furnished with worn wood floors as well as arched mirrors. classic bentwood stools. It features live music every night starting at 9:30pm. Guests can enjoy a drink in the Saint Tuesday Reserve list, that includes rare and vintage spirits.


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