“Community Was the King of Pop Culture References & Here Are Our Favorites”

It’s possible that you’re wondering what makes Community amusing. It has everything to do with the mass media. Even though Community isn’t actually a sitcom but rather a satirical parody of sitcoms and popular media. Also, it’s a frequently-brash criticism of the media society that we are living in. Of course, it’s hilarious.

Danny Pudi’s silent reaction at Jeff’s spilling of his worst fears

The tale of Jeff tells the story of Jeff “The Perfect Guy” The film tells the tale about how he confides in Danny Pudi his most intimate thoughts. The film pays tribute the classic film Pulp Fiction in a stunning way. Danny Pudi is a perfect portrayal of Jeff.

“Basic Lupine Urology”

The sixty-sixth and final episode “Basic Lupine Urology” is part season 3 of Community. Megan Ganz wrote and directed the show. The original date of airing set for April 26, 2012, on NBC. Here are some facts regarding the show. This article is not an exhaustive review of the episode.

“Basic Lupronurology” is an extremely funny episode. It’s a fantastic example of how Community utilizes the use of gimmicks. They’re often used in order to create a show for a low cost. However, Harmon and his crew take these and put them into good use in entertaining as well as interesting methods. In this episode, the gimmicks aren’t the most clever, but they’re executed with near-perfect humor.

“Contemporary American Poultry.”

Contemporary American Poultry is a show that’s often ignored by American people who love TV, is worth checking out. It’s hilarious and the writing is top-notch. The plot is based on mob-themed films, but the show is far from its best when discussing the genre as a as a whole. However, it does mention Scorsese films and Sixteen Candles riffs.

Community S1E21 “Contemporary American Poultry,” was a departure for the show, which was predominantly a sitcom. Although Jeff Abed and Jeff Abed could find an agreement, the plot spun out of control. The story was like mafia movies and received mostly positive feedback.


Community is among the most comedic shows to make use of pop culture references as plotlines. One reason for this is that the show explores issues from different iconic pop culture characters. In the mid-90s, Generation X had reached its thirties, and they were mature enough to be able to write sitcoms. This allowed for an influx of pop culture references in the sitcom world. For example, the characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer casually made reference to rock and roll stars as well as movie star groups. Jerry Seinfeld even was caught once having an affair during Schindler’s List. Eric even imagined himself playing the character in the role of Luke Skywalker on That’s 70s Show.

In the same way “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” mines its comedic element through style and enhances its characters. Even though sitcoms don’t have the opportunity to explore the emotions of their characters, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” is able to do so in a manner that stands out. The story isn’t nostalgic, however, it does show the emotion real and in the most beautiful way.


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