Schalke’s disappointing season: what went wrong?

Schalke currently sits in the 17th place in the 18-team league, just getting by with their place at the top of the league. The season so far has been difficult for the club, as they’ve managed only one win out of ten league games. The only victory they have had was against Bochum, who currently sit in the last position. Even though Schalke’s campaign has been quite a mess, they are still fighting for a spot in the top league. Hopefully they will be able to improve their fortunes towards the end in the current season.

1. Which was Schalke’s greatest challenge this year?

The most difficult challenge facing Schalke this season is the string of losses. This has put the team in a tough spot and the team has been unable to recover. Coach Kramer is being pressured to turn things around and the team has been unable to get back on track. The result has been his dismissal.

2. What is the story of how the team has been successful in turning the tide?

The team’s capacity to bounce back from losses is evident after Schalke eliminated Kramer who was their coach. It’s a major turn in events that demonstrates the team’s resilience and ability to conquer obstacles. We’ll see how the team can do without the coach.

A Short Summary

It is evident that Frank Kramer’s demotion by Schalke was motivated by the recent defeats. The team is not satisfied with the direction Kramer was taking his team, and is now looking to make a change. It will be interesting find out who they choose to take over his place and whether this person is able to turn the team around.


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