How do the families of the USMNT support their loved ones during tournaments?

In the midst of as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is nearing, teams are getting ready for the competition — and so are their biggest supporters. Get to know the wives, girlfriends, and partners of this season’s World Cup stars: U.S.A. Ash Turner, wife of goalkeeper Matt Turner A former Patriots cheerleader Ash Turner is married to Arsenal goalkeeper Matt Turner, , and together, they share son Easton Atwood, who arrived in June . Ash She is a fitness trainer and founder of the Miss Pink Organization, which supports breast cancer survivors and families.

Aaron Long and Elise Long will soon celebrate their first wedding anniversary following wedding day on New Year’s Eve in December . They share a daughter, Kaia Rae which has been born June . Darcy Myers is the fiancee to Fulham defender Antonee. Darcy Myers has shared portions of their relationship on social media , including photos of their engagement ceremony.

Myers was approached by Robinson via Instagram. Myers saw glowing letters with the words “Marry me” and “Marry me” written on them. They’re proud parents of a daughter whose name is Atlas. Walker Zimmerman’s wife Sally Zimmerman is an avid football fan. She has been known to cheer on her husband during his Nashville SC games. She is also bringing Tucker along with them. While Sally is careful to keep her Facebook profiles private, the now-year-old Zimmerman is often sharing family-oriented photos on his Facebook page.

Ana D’Ambra has been dating Leeds United midfielder Brenden Aaronson for a long time, and the couple celebrating their fourth anniversary since their wedding on September . ” the years I’ve spent with you being with you for the rest of my life is all I could need,” D’Ambra, a Temple University athlete, posted on Instagram in the moment. Sarah Schmidt, girlfriend of midfielder Tyler Adams, is dating him for more than three years. Sarah Schmidt is based overseas and is with midfielder Tyler Adams, who currently is a player for Leeds United. Schmidt helped Adams during his time at Leeds United in July on the basis of a five-year contract.

Dear Jordan We are so happy for you and all you’ve accomplished. I know that you will be able to accomplish great things during the next phase of your life. Your most loyal supporter is me.

Oriana Sabatini as well as Paulo Dybala are Argentine models and actors popular for their stage roles. The pair have been in a relationship since January of last year, and in January Sabatini revealed that she was bisexual, and announced her intention to eventually marry Dybala. Sabatini comes from a popular Argentine family. Her mother Catherine Fulop is a Venezuelan actor, as well as a former beauty pageant contestant. In contrast, her mother Osvaldo Sabatini has a career as an actor. Sabatini is a singer.

The moral

Jordan, I’m so happy for all that you’ve done. I am sure you will accomplish great things during the coming chapters of your life, I’m sure. I will always be your most loyal fan.


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