How to make the most of your relationship with your agent

Here’s a list of top-rated literary agents that are willing to assist you in finding an opportunity. The best choice is to choose an agent that fits your expectations.

It can be difficult at times to determine which representatives truly want writers from the beginning, as well as which representatives are unable to take the submissions. Literary agents are the gatekeepers. They take only those with the highest value and then send it to publishing houses or production houses to be reviewed. Since editors in these companies are usually busy with other commitments, they are not capable of properly reviewing manuscripts. Agents have a significant role to play in the literary marketplace by selling works on behalf of writers. Therefore, if you’re selling your novel, it’s likely that you’ll need an agent.

Case Walker Literary Agency represents far more than its clients. A majority of their clients are novels as well as non-fiction works. Seeking new and established writers, the agency is particularly interested in fiction that falls into the following categories: ethnic, experimental, family saga, feminist, gay/lesbian, glitz, hi-lo, historical, humor/satire, literary, mainstream/contemporary, multicultural, multimedia, mystery/suspense, regional, short story collections, spiritual, translation, young adult, women’s.

For the purpose of becoming an agent, Ms. LeBaigue has worked with Sony Pictures and Warner. She is interested in sign, biography/autobiography, cooking/foods/nutrition, crafts/hobbies, current affairs ethnic/cultural interests, gay/lesbian issues, government/politics/law, how-to, interior design/decorating, memoirs, nature/environment, photography, popular culture, science/technology, sociology, sports, true crime/investigative, women’s issues/studies. Fiction areas of interest: action/adventure, feminist, gay/lesbian, literary, mainstream/contemporary, mystery/suspense, thriller, women’s, Southern voices.

Before joining her current position prior to her current position, Ms. Ferrari Adler worked for Sobel Weber Associates. She is a specialist in literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, and commercial fiction. Other nonfiction areas that are of interest for her are memoirs, history, women’s cookbooks, and studies of culture. Winifred Golden is looking for literary fiction, ethnic fiction, thrillers, suspense, science fiction. If the author is highly qualified and has a strong history, she’ll take nonfiction. The subjects she is interested in for nonfiction vary, but she’s particularly drawn to stories of nonfiction as well as health and medicine.

The following are areas that are of interest to Richard Brown: nonfiction with a faith-based angle the short story, fiction collections, novellas, and short stories. He specializes in religious books within these genres.


This is just a small list of things you need to be mindful of when speaking with agents with regards to your job. Do your homework thoroughly and remain professional. Don’t give up hope. The perfect agent for you if you’re prepared.


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