Watch: Crowded scenes as thousands locked in the ‘happiest place on Earth’ at Shanghai Disney

The economic and social impact that globalization has had on the new coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as individual business and industry impact has been profound. The casino industry in Macau is no different, with casinos closing for over two months from February 2020.

1. What is exactly the “dynamic zeroCOVID” policy that Macau follows?

Macau has implemented the “dynamic zeroCOVID policy” to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This policy permits the locking of certain areas, including the area close to Shanghai Disney. This will prevent people from gathering in massive groups and prevent individuals from coming in contacts with each other.

2. How come casino operators in Macau in the midst of a decision by the government on new licenses?

Businesses are suffering from the effect on their business from the spread of coronavirus throughout China. Casino operators operating in Macau are among those who are affected by the virus. They await a decision from the government on how they’ll be granted new permits. The outbreak was first noticed in the city Wuhan, located to the west of central China. Since then, it has spread to other parts of the country, including the Special Administrative Region of Macau. Because of this outbreak, numerous companies in the region have been forced to close, including all of the casinos. The economy of Macau has suffered huge losses due to the closing of Macau’s casinos. Gaming plays a key role in the region’s GDP, and the impact of the revenue loss is being felt by numerous.

Quick Summary

The new coronavirus continues result in widespread death and disruption around the globe, and there’s the possibility of a halt in sight. The majority of businesses have to close down as authorities are trying to find people who are infected. individuals. Sometimes, a day out in the parks can transform into a nightmare that may end up threatening the life of those around you. This is the real-world scenario of the pandemic we are currently confronting.


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