How to Experience the Best of Australia and Greece in One Trip with Hellenes & Hip

The group, which was accompanied by Hippocrates as the Father of Clinical Medicine and the founder of clinical medicine, set off on an adventure from Bucharest towards the fourth stage on the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute, which is a vibrant and thrilling Melbourne which is the center of the Greek community of Australia. Alongside us were esteemed physicians and researchers, including Dr. Georgios Patoulis, the head of the International Institute of Greek Doctors as well as the Regional Governor for Attica Dr. Konstantinos Pantos, the world-renowned scientist who pioneered the field of IVF, as well as Dr. Antonios Polydorou and Dr. George Antonakis. Everyone made the journey to the Hellenic Diaspora World Congress, (HMSA).

Amidst the stunning backdrop of Melbourne The city of Melbourne, we were thrilled to be invited to attend the Hellenic Centre from the th-th November, with participants including the revered Hellenic Medical Society of Australia and The Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. The gracious hospitality offered by our Greek community, under the leadership of Vassilis Papastrgiadis as President, gave us a feeling of anticipation for our arrival. The trip was not a disappointment, as we were not dissatisfied with our long journey from Athens, Greece to Australia. However, our stopping point in Doha Airport Qatar held the football World Cup (as it was quite a long time). Our enthusiasm was confirmed and rewarded upon landing, as it received a welcoming receptions by the local Greek group and the bustling vitality from the entire city.

It was clear at the beginning of our journey that this campaign by the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute was a non-stop one: To transform our new generation and to keep our grandparents’ knowledge and memories in the present. This global gathering featured presentations and interactive sessions on academic, medical, and research-related topics, led by highly respected Australian and international scientists. The ultimate goal of these important actions and international collaborations was making great strides towards a more sustainable future.

The University of Melbourne, Athens, and Patras united in agreement for purposes of turning each of the institutions into an international science center for the augmentation of medical faculties around the globe. The signing of an agreement that will provide guidance and educational possibilities for Greek students through accepting Hippocratic Medical Philosophy & Ethics was the official announcement of this partnership. The Secretary General of Greece of the Ministry of Health Mr. Marios Themistocleous and President of the Hellenic Medical Association of Australia Professor Marini attended to celebrate the momentous occasion.

A bust depicting Hippocrates was unveiled at the ceremony in the University of Melbourne’s Medical School. This ceremony marked the start of a global dialogue, which was initiated by the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute, in order to build a common culture built on the’sacred vow of The Hippocratic Oath. As officially announced through Doctor. Patoulis and Dr. Polydoros, this initiative will be held in the summer of this year, and will culminate in the swearing-in of graduates of at the University of Melbourne on the island of Kos.

Melbourne is the location for the Doctors Hippocratic Institute. Its name is ‘Hippocratic Values and Medicine. The city, which is home to one of the largest populations of five million are located in Victoria. It is the second biggest city in Australia, after Sydney. From this number, around 25% are foreigners in addition to a large portion said to be of Greek source. It is a diverse metropolitan area that is home to large chunks of land that form the city’s central business district and many skyscrapers.

We can take a look at what we can learn

We’re at the beginning the dawn of a new phase within healthcare. A time when collaboration and technology are at the forefront of medical technology to advance our pursuit for excellence for patient treatment. This historic occasion was held in Melbourne, where Hippocrateshistory is in the spotlight since the inception of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. The unveiling of the bust represents our commitment to his ideals of medicine and bodes well for the coming years, as we look towards a summer where students graduating from Melbourne’s University of Melbourne will swear-in on the island of Kos and follow in his footsteps. We are confident in the future of medical care.


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