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The focus of the G20 has been in unifying and condemning Russia following it was the Russian Invasion in Ukraine. In order to force Russia to stand up and stop the misery, it has succeeded. It isn’t something that is easy to accomplish. But, the G20 should remain unwavering in demonstrating the world that Russia’s actions are not acceptable.

1. Which G20 nations are they?

G20 countries comprise 20 nations who came together to share knowledge and experience on economic and financial matters. Argentina, Brazil, Canada and China are members of the G20. The year 1999 was the year that the Asian financial crisis led to the formation of the G20.

2. Are there any statements by the G20 regarding Russia?

G20 is an international organization which brings together the world’s 20 most powerful economies, is referred to as an international organization. According to the G20 it’s mission is “to increase global cooperation in economics.” The G20 has been more vocal over the past few years in regards to issues like climate change and tax avoidance. As a response to the news about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential elections The G20 issued a statement on Russia. The statement condemned the actions of Russia, and called for an investigation. G20 participants were also asked to make sure that any further interfering with the G20 isn’t allowed.

3. What’s the point of Russia being excluded from G20?

Russia even though it’s an integral part of the G20 (group of 20 major economies) however, has seen its standing diminishing over the time. This is due to a variety of reasons, including Russia’s annexe of Crimea as well as its involvement in the war within Ukraine. It has resulted in the imposition of sanctions upon the nation by a number of G20 members. Russia is currently in a recession because of the falling price of oil. These factors have all resulted in Russia being viewed as an unimportant member of the G20.

A Short Summary

In a statement, G20 leaders condemn Russia’s acts of aggression towards Ukraine. The leaders of the G20 took an ominous stand against Russian aggression.


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