The Best Travel Credit Cards in Canada for December 2022: Compare Benefits & Rates

Take into consideration which cards would be the most suitable for Canadian travellers, especially if you intend to travel soon. There is also the option to research options in the United States. Learn more.

TD First Class Visa Signature(r) Visa Credit Card

If you’re a tourist and you’re looking for one that’s suitable to use for your travels as well as every day expenses, then TD First Class Visa Signature is the card you need to consider. It is one of the most well-known travel credit cards provided by TD Bank. Additionally, it comes with a number of travel benefits in addition to a lower annual cost.

Among other perks, TD First Class Visa Signature also offers a 0% introductory rate for balance transfers up to 12 months. This is among the most attractive deals available. This can also be a good choice for people who pay daily purchases, since it grants the option of unlimited miles that are never expired.

Rogers World Elite Mastercard

Rogers World Elite Mastercard has numerous attractive benefits. These include travel insurance, cash-back reward points as well as travel insurance. It does however have a minimum income requirement and is therefore not an ideal choice for the average Canadian.

If you’d like to earn cash back rewards on purchase made in the US and abroad Consider applying for an un-cost card. There are a few choices, including those offered by the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card, that gives you an unlimited amount of 2percent cashback for purchases.

Another no-fee option is the TD First Class Visa, which offers a variety of options for protection for travelers. Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite is another one that gives 3% cashback when you make U.S. Dollar purchases. Both cards rank some of the most popular credit cards for travel available to Canadians.

Amex Gold Card

If you’re interested in getting maximum value from your travels, you should consider an American Express Gold Card. The Gold Card was completely revamped in October of 2018. It is now sleek and is made from metal. The new version also comes with some of the greatest travel benefits available in the business.

Amex is introducing one of its new cards that provides a one-time $100 credit for travel. Credit can be used on all trips booked via on the Amex Travel website. You can use it to buy your next car rental flight ticket, or any other travel expenses.

The card also comes with several other benefits. Amex Gold card comes with a number of additional benefits. Amex Gold card also offers assurance on purchases at retail locations. Based on the item purchased it is possible to qualify to receive a warranty extension.

Citi Premier Card

If you’re in search of one that can allow you to save money as you travel, then the Citi Premier Card is a excellent choice. It offers a variety of benefits for travelers, such as the signup reward. There isn’t a huge annual cost, and that’s very rare for travel cards.

One of the most useful advantages of The Citi Premier Card is its possibility of earning 3x points in travel transactions. The card offers advantages, such as hotel benefits and dining benefits. It also offers cooking rewards. The Premier Card is also a first gain of access to many of live entertainment shows like concerts and theme parks.

Chase Sapphire Reserve(r) Card

This Chase Sapphire Reserve (r) card could appeal to regular travelers. This is an elite credit card that gives you a range of advantages. A $300 travel credit will be given each year it can be used to cover your hotel, flights, or all other expenses.

It will include Priority Pass Select membership, along with the $300 travel credit. It will grant you access to over 1,300 lounges around the globe. You’ll also receive a credit of $100 for Global Entry.

It comes with a minimal annual fee and a plethora of other advantages, this is a fantastic option for someone who loves to travel. The points can be redeemed to get a decent amount of value.

National Bank World Elite Mastercard

The purchase of a travel credit card will help you save money when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Best cards provide a variety of perks, including travel insurance, access to lounges at airports, free checked baggage and additional. It is also important to choose one with a welcome bonus.

During the first three months you’ve been using the new credit card, you’ll be able to enjoy 300% bonus points. You can use the points for booking transportation, flights or entertainment as well as for shopping.

The first year you’ll earn a total of 200 dollars in rewards. In addition, you’ll be eligible for travel deals as well as the annual companion coupons. The voucher can be used to purchase a round-trip ticket starting at $119CAD.


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