Examining the Legal System: Exploring the Reasons Behind Rejecting a Disgraced Real Estate Agent’s Appeal

It’s in the midst of a deep sadness that we share the decision of Aaron Drever’s appeal against his 24-month prison sentence. Drever’s appeal was denied in the court of Justice Paul Davison, thereby ending his legal process. Drever’s family and friends have been grieving for the loss their beloved one. In the last two years, Drever, a successful realtor, is in prison in prison for deceiving, forgery, and dishonestly using a document. His ordeal was further compounded after he was brutally attacked inside the kitchens at Ngawha Prison by an inmate who was not supposed to be in the prison.

1. What was the crime for which Aaron Drever convicted?

Aaron Drever is a former real estate agent that was fired and sentenced to life imprisonment. Drever was found guilty of both forgery and fraud. Both crimes carry serious penalties. Fraud, as in this instance is the unlawful misuse of another’s identity in order to make money, and forgery refers to the act of altering a document to gain the advantage. The judge ruled that Aaron utilized a fake document for the purchase of a home and therefore had committed fraud and forgery. This led to the justices ruled that he was not guilty and ordered him to remain in prison until his sentence is served.

2. What sentence was imposed on Drever by Justice Paul Davison?

Drever, the disgraced real estate agent was denied his appeal in the court of Justice Paul Davison and must be imprisoned for the rest of his life. The sentence imposed on him Justice Davison was a lengthy sentence of prison time, along with an enormous fine to be paid out as a restitution payment for his criminal actions he’d been convicted of. Justice Davison handed this sentence to ensure that Drever was not able to carry on with illegal actions as well as to discourage other criminals. While the sentence may seem unjust, it is intended to bring Drever responsible for his deeds.

3. How did Mr and Mrs White respond to the overwhelming support that they’d received?

The Whites, Mr. and Mrs. White were undoubtedly overwhelmed by the overwhelming public response they had received in response to the news that the son’s appeal was rejected and he’d remain behind barricades. They were unwittingly a symbol to the people who are victims of an ineffective justice system and the public loved them. Their support came through various ways such as social media campaign to rallies at local level, and it proved to Mr. as well as Mrs. White that they were not alone in their plight. Although they are obviously devastated to see their son held in prison, they were also awed by the overwhelming outpourings of love and support their received inspired them to continue fighting for justice.

4. What incident occurred at Ngawha Prison which affected Drever’s circumstances?

It’s unfortunate that the system of justice is an insufficient capacity to display mercy. The Ngawha Prison incident, which further exacerbated the situation, led to an unsettling confrontation with Mr. Drever and four prison guards. Drever was said to be in an argument with guards. The heated argument soon became physical and Drever was later put in confinement. Drever’s appeal was rejected by the court in light of the incident and other facts. Drever must accept his mistakes and will remain behind bars.

A Brief Summary

It is evident that in three separate cases, involving Adam White, Aaron Drever as well as members of The Church of Scientology, justice remains elusive. White was wrongly sentencing to prison for protecting his house, Aaron Drever suffered a horrific assault while in prison, and victims of sexual assaults and rapes by Church members haven’t been given justice. It’s good to see that Adam White’s family members have received help. However, more must be done to secure justice for all those unjustly treated by powerful people or institutions.


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