Crafting DIY Lunar New Year Decorations to Brighten Your Home

This weekend , thousands of people from Asia and around the globe Asian diaspora celebrating the beginning of the lunar new year celebrations. It marks the end of the Zodiac Year of the Tiger, and the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit or Cat for Vietnamese citizens. The initial days of this holiday usually bring quiet in business because families get together. Many workers who are migrant from China this is typically the only time when they have the chance to travel back to their home towns. The custom has its roots in the past and emphasizes family’s ties.

Lunar New Year, as one of the Chinese in Malaysia, offers the chance to keep and preserve traditional Chinese traditions for the next generation. Daniel Lee Lih Wei who is the father of two children, is from Klang. He lives in a suburban area near Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway University, where he supervises the studies. The man says “I would like to teach my children that we have a rich cultural and traditions so they are able to make these memories part of their lifetime journey.” This is about providing them with access to the same experience that I have and instilling these memories.

Lee Lih Wei is a father who recognizes how crucial it is to teach cultural customs in his four year old and one-year old kids. He has organized a variety of events to commemorate celebrations of the New Year. They will be able to enjoy cookies, have fun with fireworks and watch traditional lion dances wearing bright, colorful costumes. The performances that take place throughout the country, symbolize the luck of the season and bring prosperity. To get the most out of this occasion, Lee Lih Wei will even take a week off from work to dress his entire family in matching red attire for the gathering with their family over two days. He is also expecting significant gifts from his elders in order to show his gratitude for his kids.

This year, Wen Xu experienced disruption on her plans for travel to her home town in the small Anhui county due to Covidlimitations; however this time around the young woman has been successful in making it via Hong Kong, where she recently relocated to become reporter. Recent developments in China are making this feasible. In December, China’s government ended its Covid-free policy. Xu, therefore, is one of many that got the opportunity to spend time with their families on the night of Lunar New Year. Lee Lih Wei says that modernization means they’ll be eating breakfast with their wives and taking dinner out with their family members.

Xu is thrilled to be reunited from New Year’s Eve celebrations with her uncle, aunt and her cousin. They’ll all be traveling from far away towns. Xu will host the family dinner, which will include traditional dishes like steamed pork, rice flour, as well as bone broth. The week will be filled with food, relaxation and catching up with loved ones, Xu and her cousin will be able to have a reunion following the return of her cousin from Canada. Furthermore, Xu plans to film her mother cooking a traditional Chinese healthy food known as ejiao. Xu along with her cousin, and their friends from childhood would look forward to such special reunions with great anticipation.

My friend and I every year have a dinner together and then climb the steps to take a look at the amount we collected in customary red envelopes from our elder relatives. “Despite becoming adults both my cousins and I continue to receive packages of red,” she states. Unfortunately, there is sorrow this year because her grandfather has COVID, and can’t join them for dinner; he must reside in his room on the third floor using an oxygen machine. Xu was successful professionally in her Year of the Tiger, but struggled in her relationships. The goal she has for the coming period is to find a special person.


To conclude, the upcoming reunion dinner is an exciting celebration for Xu and her entire family. The guests will not just have the opportunity to meet her distant cousin and dine on traditional meals, but they will also be involved in an activity that gives them the possibility to practice the healthy practices their forefathers used for centuries. The family of Xu will be enthralled this season of giving as they remember the common heritage, history, and love.


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