The Power of Dap in Strengthening Multicultural Relationships

In the beginning of the fall early fall, childhood buddies Le’Greg Harrison and William Carter Jr. exchanged their greeting in an unusual manner, exchanging their hands with different directions, before coming together by making an ebullient sound. They glowed with excitement in anticipation of the encircling hug. The gesture was an expression of love and affection which everyone could feel. The emotion evoked was highly infectious. It was greater than just a handshake. But it wasn’t the bro hug, either. it was more of a dap. This inspired Rhonda Henderson as well as Aaron Stallworth, the co-creators of The Dap Project, to consider the importance to this religious embrace.

It’s crucial to use ‘dap’ as a greeting, the complex greeting that only exists in the African-American community. Analysis and conservation are essential to our cultural ways of communicating and practices. There are many external forces that can lead to disturbance to the community as well as break family ties Some factors, such as recipes, dap , and the family name, are able to stand the tests of time. It is thought that the source of the word dap is it’s origins in the Vietnam War, during which Black people were known to show their support by raising their hands – ‘the power’ – in recognition of the powerful movement that was Black Power. Sadly, it appears this White Supremacy is an elusive concept with no end to be seen.

This is an unconstitutional way to say hello. The old handshake was transformed into an intricate, but powerful form of salutation. These rituals are a element of the rich culture of African diaspora. Tyler Parry’s “Diasporic Salutations” and “The West African Origins of the “Dap” clarifies that European traders used ceremonial salutes in Sierra Leone to greet men. This included shaking hands and greeting their fellow traders, while the thumbs or fingers were snapped. Since the beginning the dap is a universal symbol that can be seen in various countries around the globe. It usually involves a vigorous clapping of the hands, then a firm hold and then a release.

A significant gesture in the culture, the “Dap” is an act of respect and mutual appreciation between two people. It may take shape as a four-finger shake, shoulder lean-in, and back slaps, all of which convey a certain level of respect and understanding that is unique for African Americans. This gesture has a traditional sense of communicating “What’s best?” What’s your standing? You good? You’re really excellent? The expression “I See You” affirms the identity and distinct heritage of an individual.

The ability to see beyond the physical world to be in the realm of spirituality. This is where they will find exactly the same realm with their co-listener, those on the other side of the handshake. It is not enough to see with one’s eyes as we should also look around the world with an open mind and a sense of understanding. The importance to American history and pay homage to this historical event. When a room is filled to the max with faces that aren’t black We must be aware of the fact that all those that look just like us are apart of this world. Find comfort within the rhythm that surrounds our lives and appreciate the value of our common history of the past, present, and the future. It is important to recognize each other, both individually and collectively.

The Summer of saw The Dap Project, which consisted of Edward Underwood and Joseph Edwards, embark on an exploration through Washington’s neighborhoods, seeking the dap. The group visited Anacostia as well as Congress Heights as well as Edgewood, Park View, Park View, Stronghold and Park View to learn more about the way these images sustain the spirit and soul of local residents. The truth is, they were looking for the native Black Washingtonians. Their photos, interviews and other videos were compiled into an exhibition of multimedia that was presented in the Anacostia Arts Center. John Minor was also there.


In the end, it’s important to acknowledge our fellow human beings as individuals as well as a group in the area we share. It is important to acknowledge America’s shared history, and to recognize the role of Black Americans to American history. It is important to remember that people with a similar appearance to us too are part of the same space. We must invest our time for building mutual understanding and respect. This can help create stronger relationshipsand enable an improved understanding of each other and better discussions.


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