Harnessing the Power of Self-Discovery with Isabel & Nicki

American Girl has just announced the release its “Girls of the Year” – the twins dolls Isabel Hoffman and Nicki Hoffman. The two join the brand’s line of characters from the past, telling their tales in Seattle through the entire year. The two will also celebrate twin birthdays that occur on May 2 . The millennial generation is feeling nostalgic and old because of this news.

American Girl is located in Middleton situated in Wisconsin and recently announced the creation of two dolls to commemorate a historic event within American Historiography. These two dolls have distinct characteristics–Isabel is described as being “bubbly and extroverted” with a love for dancing, while Nicki, the introvert of the two, prefers skateboarding and listening to alternative rock. The press release stated “Though they have the identical birthdays, the twin sisters are as different as grunge and glitter.” Isabel and Nicki have embarked on the journey of discovering who they are as individuals . Through the process, they are able to face their fears and, ultimately, remain true to them.

Since its introduction, American Girl (AGhas been introducing the “Girl of the Year” collection featuring dolls with tales that take place in the present However, the dolls from this line are only available for a brief period of time, as per American Girl Doll News, which is a blog. AG have also launched their “historical characters” collection, featuring Molly McIntire (Samuel Parkington), Kirsten Larson and Kirsten Larson. Each doll has stories set in and the respective. Recently, in , AG has unveiled their new’s-inspired doll, which promotes STEM learning.

The necessity of having solid role models was made more imperative with the century of the future. American Heritage Girls was created. The group aims to build faith, respect and love to all people by participating in activities which date all the way back to 20th century. Their dolls are each accompanied by narratives detailing their characters’ perseverance through hardships of their specific periods of history, for example, slavery, immigration , and Polio epidemic. Prior to the release of Nicki and Isabel, the most recently created doll featured Courtney Moore, whose story occurred during the time of . With the fast-moving 21st century, some were dismayed by the fact that’s currently being seen as part of history.

The release provoked much emotional reactions, including from a Boston-based Twitter user **** in Heels Girl who expressed her in dismay over the historic* (??? American Girl Dolls Isabel, Nicki. The tweet reads, “I owned inflatable furniture. American Girl Magazine was my most favorite. I was an American Girl subscriber. I had grin pins. This back cushion pillow was my personal favorite. I loved my clear bag.” The account Black GirlNerds has also tweeted “…American Girl recently released the new historical dolls Isabel and Nicki to the public. They are available on… Never felt like this before in my entire existence. Naturally, the Twitter account for the brand went on Twitter to apologize, writing “Didn’t intend to inflict anyone today.

Generation Y women who grew as children with historic dolls told Fox News Digital that the recent additions to the line inspired nostalgia as well as the feeling of aging. Lexi Oakley, , from Southern California, informed Fox News Digital that she’d collected a lot of American Girl dolls in her childhood – and was taken off by a “historical” doll from her time. It was quite a shock seeing a doll from her generationafter growing to be surrounded by dolls from the mid-seventies.

Learninng Outcome

Twitter messages from @HeelsGirl Black Girl Nerds and others have highlighted important issues on representation in media. There is no doubt to see that American Girl could have done more to reflect the diversity of all their clients. Many people have learned that toys, clothes, and books need to be developed with children regardless of age in mind. In the process of creating products and services for young people the companies must be in tune with evolving attitudes in society. The case in this particular instance was way too late to allow American Girl to make amends however there’s a chance for them to make improvements in the near future.


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