How to Create Your Own “Twins, Glitter & Grunge” Look for Your American Girl Dolls

AMERICAN GIRL Discovers TWIN DOLLS in the GIRL of the Year line American Girl has recently revealed the new dolls she has in her “Historical Characters” line. They’re Isabel as well as Nicki Hoffman. The twins dolls are released on the month of February. These aren’t just the very first pair of twins to appear as American Girl Historical Characters, and they are also set in a Seattle set that is popular with young women. The Hoffmans also share the same birthday, May . The announcement provides an exciting addition to American Girl’s extensive line of historic characters.

“American Girl, headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, recently revealed the addition of twins Isabel and Nicki in its line of dolls that represent American time,” stated a press announcement. Every doll is different as well, which is evident in Isabel being described as “bubbly and extroverted” and is a lover of dancing as well as dancing. Nicki is an introvert, who is fond of skateboarding as well as listening to alternative music. The release continued “Though they have the identical birthday, these twins are as distinct as glitter and grunge.” Their stories are different they both have how to confront their fears, and remain true to themselves.

In 2004, the American Girl (AGbrand introduced the ‘Girl of the Year’ collection that was a collection of dolls that featured stories taking place from the present day. This differed from the historic character linethat first came out in 2006 and contained Molly McIntire, Samantha Parkington and Kirsten Larson, whose tales were set in, and, respectively, according to their respective websites. American Girl website. AG recently launched a STEM doll which promotes STEM education. Based on American Girl Doll News, the doll will be on sale for a limited time.

With regard to the vast portrayals of American History through the dolls made through the American Girl brand, dating in the early 20th century that focuses on the characters’ struggles in dealing with issues of the period, such as slaves, immigration, and Polio epidemic. With the realization that late s are being regarded as “historical”, American Heritage Girls has emerged to provide a different perspective to Girl Scouts, instilling faith and respect for all life to young girls. The most recent doll that has the “historical” tale has been Courtney Moore, with a narrative that is set during, and up to the introduction of Nicki and Isabel. The American Girl official American Girl account recently tweeted an “apology” about this notion.

Social media is abuzz with the release of “Historic the’s American Girl Dolls Isabel and Nicki” the brand’s newest brand. The official brand account posted a tweet acknowledging anger, stating that they didn’t intend to cause so much pain the way they have. One Twitter user in Boston who has the username **** for Heels Girl, said she was personal apprehension, tweeting she had inflatable furniture reading American Girl Magazine, owned grin pins and back cushion pillows and loved her clear bag. Black Girl Nerds reacted by tweeting: “American Girl just launched their new historical dolls Isabel and Nicki which are made by… I have never felt so disrespected during my whole adulthood.

Young women shared their sentiments of nostalgia as well as their age to Fox News Digital upon the arrival of dolls from their original historical character line. Lexi Oakley, , from Southern California, told Fox News Digital that when she was her child, she was an avid collector of American Girl dolls, yet considered herself old seeing the first “historical” doll in her life. Oakley said, “Growing up with the dolls that were based on the s-s was quite a shock seeing a doll that’s now my generation.

We all can benefit from one another.

The American Girl’s Facebook and Twitter campaigns in order to highlight the new historical dolls Isabel and Nicki did not take into account the possible backlash. The reaction of many online users who were personally hurt by the campaign underscores the necessity for more care when marketing to specific demographic. Businesses need to take note of the impact the marketing strategies they employ impact on people and make sure that everybody feels included their message.


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