Discovering the 20 Best Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of: Tips for Evaluating and Applying

There is a good chance you could consider working in a position that’s more unique if you’re seeking a new career. Job opportunities that are off the beaten path can make a decent salary, give you a good work-life balance, and provide perks you won’t find anywhere other than here.

These 20 top jobs might be worthwhile to consider If you’re considering changing careers. These are all fascinating, original and could be in your field.

1. Feng Shui Consultant

Having your own Feng Shui consultation is a excellent way to earn additional money. The work can be extremely rewarding and can make you feel happier in your life.

To begin, you must decide on what type of Feng Shui do you wish to learn. Next, select a location in which you will be able to connect with your ideal clientele.

2. Veterinarian Technician

Veterinarians as well as veterinary technicians cooperate to improve the overall health of animals as well as their health and quality of life. They gather stool, blood and urine samples in order to identify various diseases.

Vet techs are employed at animal hospitals, veterinarian clinics, pet-kennels as well as animal zoos. They often report to either the veterinarian or the clinic director.

3. Archivist

Archivists keep valuable records like maps, videos as well as parchment. They organize workshops and open events and also develop classification methods to allow the public to get access to archive material.

They should have exceptional ability to research and organize to properly preserve materials and keep the order in which they were originally stored. They must also be adept with the most rare or fragile materials.

4. Paralegal

Paralegals are in high demand at law firms as well as government agencies all over the United States. Paralegals are highly respected in the legal field as well as their career prospects for the coming years are very promising.

Paralegals support attorneys by researching, organizing documents, and assisting clients in their interviews. Paralegals can also review legal documents in order to verify the accuracy of information.

5. Chef

Chef is an automation of infrastructure tool. It automates infrastructure configuration by transforming it into code . It is compatible with cloud and on-premise solutions.

Apart from managing infrastructure, Chef also helps in rapid software distribution. It improves scalability, accuracy and reliability.

Much like Puppet, Chef follows a design of a Client-Server with an added workstation component. The Chef server pushes the changes on the workstation to the server called Chef, which then implements them on the nodes using a client named Chef.

6. Feng Shui Master

Feng shui is a spiritual method of balancing their energies. It is the process of arranging objects in your workplace or at home following tradition Chinese customs.

Feng masters of shui help individuals with their jobs, homes, and relationships by using strategies to bring about harmony. Feng shui experts can assist in aligning important personal events to Chinese Astrology.

7. Massage Therapist

Massage therapists offer a rewarding career choice for those who want to work in a way that is distinctive. There’s a chance for regular job increase, a minimal stress and a large paycheck in this less widely known field.

Massage therapists focus on soft tissues and connective tissues inside the body like muscles. They also treat clients’ lymphatic fluid in order to assist it in moving better through the body.

8. Yoga Instructor

Become a Yoga Instructor

Instructors who instruct yoga classes are referred to as yoga instructors. They might be independent, or part of a yoga studio.

They are accountable to teach breathing , and the movements that are taught within the class. They also impart yogic principles and meditation.

9. Nutritionist

A nutritionist can be described as a health expert who helps people to enhance their diet and eating behaviors. These nutritionists often work in health facilities.

They may also be experts in particular fields, such as the field of sports nutrition, or weight management. They may also be asked to inform the public about nutritional issues including dietary changes or potential hazards.

10. Yoga Instructor

You may be looking for means to pay for the bills or you want to improve your yoga instruction to the highest level, there are many ways to become a yoga instructor.

Start by registering with a reputable yoga association and then acquiring liability insurance. It will allow you to secure more events and grow your customer base.


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