Understanding the Causes of Mass Shootings and How to Prevent Them

Monterey Park, California Monterey Park was struck by tragedy in the late evening on Saturday near the east end of Los Angeles. On Saturday evening the fire started to rage in a club and dance hall. Tran was the suspect , and he died from wounds from a gunshot he self-inflicted. Though there’s a myriad of unknowns, Tran was reported by the sheriff’s department that he had been at the first place he wanted. His ex-wife claimed that she was a guest at the place with Tran at the location and offered him free lessons. The mayor of Monterey Park has released a statement expressing condolences to all people affected by the tragic event and calling on the community to unite in aftermath of this devastating catastrophe.

Quick Summary

The tragic incident has led to the deaths of 11 persons and injuries to several others. The tragedy serves as an illustration of why gun violence has to be stopped at the base. This means tighter gun control laws, improved healthcare for people with mental disorders, and the creation of a safe culture for everyone. This is vital to avoid massacres and safeguard our lives.


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