“Exploring the Ancient History and Natural Beauty of Crete in Springtime”

You’re thinking of a trip to Crete in the summer? Why not consider visiting in the spring! Its mild and balmy temperatures, along with the ability to manage journey times, exquisite meals and lower rates for accommodation This is the ideal spot for a relaxing getaway. Explore the beautiful landscapes illuminated by the blossoming of trees and flowers on display, against the stunning backdrop of the snowcapped White Mountains. This Arosmari Village Hotel is a quiet, undeveloped, village offering a week of relaxation. The hotel is comprised of renovated stone houses and the cypress-wooded chalets which provide an idyllic setting for your peaceful getaway.

The accommodation is spacious and well-appointed with wooden-beamed ceilings, shady spaces, and terraces. The stunning garden, which includes roses and lavender bushes is surrounded by a lovely chapel and a grand stone shepherd’s residence. Also, there is a big swimming pool. But even better are the secret locations in the gardens that offer comfy loungers beneath citrus or lemon trees. Following a full day of guided exploration, one can spend time in the sun at this tranquil location. The mornings are when guests can enjoy an exquisite breakfast buffet, and then a variety of moderately challenging trails led by native tour guide Jonathan Peat.

Megala Chorafia, a flower-covered hill that lies close to Aptera Minoan Cities of Aptera is my favorite walk. It has stunning views of the Mediterranean and also intriguing archaeological ruins. But, I’m equally impressed by the lush plant life below my feet, including Jerusalem The blue pimpernel, the sage and tiny wild orchids. In some instances, it appears as like I’m walking through a massive salad bowl, and as I walk through lush meadows on the ancient pathways Jonathan adds to our enjoyment with tales of the local area and suggestions for the preparation of recipes for plants.

There is the chance to taste some of best fruits that the region offers on our walks every day. We have been able to locate Taverna Moustakas (Stilos) thanks to our knowledge of the area. We can enjoy a wide variety of local wines, meze and succulent lamb chops. We weave through Stilos as well as the nearby area, the main attraction is the ancient fifth century BC Hellenistic bridge that has lasted the test of the test of. The bridge eventually leads to Maza, a small settlement that we then continue to investigate the surrounding fields.

It is awe-inspiring to arrive at the cathedral in the city of St. Nicholas, which has exquisite frescoes created by Ioannis Pagamenos (a talented Cretan artist during the 18th century). After some time in the olive grove, we arrive at our final destination. Jonathan along with Myriam are wonderful hosts who serve delightful meals that they make for guests. After this break, we embark upon strenuous hike along the ancient Venetian routes on Omalos plateau. Omalos plateau. The plateau is stunning, with a vast sprawl of desert plains and high cliffs with a rocky cliff face dotted by goats, we see stunning griffon vultures as well as buzzards that fly in the air above.

Visitors can revel in the pleasure of a tranquil slice of Greece on this off-season walking holiday. There are three tours available on Naxos, Santorini and offer tourists the chance to walk paths that separate them from all the tourists. Both islands are exceptionally beautiful in the springtime prior to the primary tourism season. All transfers and maps are part of the trip. B&B accommodations can be found at picturesque hotels (macsadventure.com). Hidden Corfu offers a self-guided tour that allows you to uncover the less well-known parts of Corfu’s western coastline.

In summary

Our trip through St. Nicholas’ church and the subsequent walk through Venetian paths in the Omalos plateau have been absolutely magical. It has been enhanced by the gracious hospitality provided by Jonathan and Myriam, our informative guide, as well as the stunning nature of Nature. From rocky cliff faces to soaring birds, and freshly prepared food perfect for picnics to exquisite frescoes painted by Ioannis Pagomenos. Our journey is one that’s going to stay in our hearts for many decades to be.


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