Learning from the Mistakes of Others: What Not to Do When Dealing with Family Drama

We are extremely disappointed that we must report that Tan Lee Hoon was convicted in seven cases of assault that involved her domestic assistants in the month of the month of December in 2022. Before he was sentenced, Tan Lee Hoon stated unambiguously that “all household helpers should be treated with dignity and respect.” Tan is a reminding us of the importance in protecting your rights, dignity and respect that domestic workers have and the consequences that might be suffered for failing to do the right thing. The specifics of the case follow: Tan and her brother Jia Cheng had hired Koo the one of their domestic staff, to help break open an IKEA safe stored in the bag of an IKEA bag.

1. What exactly did Tan Lee Hoon do that resulted in her conviction of seven counts of assault?

Tan Lee Hoon, who has been recently found guilty of seven counts of assault, was found guilty of taking part in a scheme for taking items from her family. The plan involved the assistance of her boyfriend and his twin, and the trio proceeded to break into the home of her home to steal various products. Hoon had to face a myriad of charges for her participation in the investigation and her role in the crimes. The charges included two counts of burglary at home as well as two counts of criminal trespass, two counts of theft, as well as one count of attempted theft. Hoon was eventually given the condition of probation with restrictions regarding her contact with her boyfriend and his twin along with an order to pay restitution to the family of her.

2. Tan has taken her brother’s safe, along with all of the piggy bank funds in her home.

Tan’s crimes, which were described in the news was based on a very calculated and complex plan of theft. Tan enlisted her boyfriend’s help as well as that of her twin brother get into the residence of her relatives and steal their belongings. Before stealing the piggy banks in the home, Tan first accessed her brother’s safe which she was the one with the key to. After that, she empty of the safe and took out the piggy banksthat were full of jewelry and cash. The trio then escaped on foot with their belongings, only being remanded to police soon after. Tan’s actions show a clearly callous disregard for her family’s security, and an eagerness to devalue the trust of her brother.

3. What did Jia Cheng as well as Tan enlist Koo to perform in order to get the safe open?

Jia Cheng and Tan enlisted Koo to open the safe, in order to steal from Jia Cheng’s parents. Koo is a skilled locksmith, and she was able to use her knowledge to crack the combination lock that allowed three people access to the contents. Though the method that allowed Koo’s access is not known the lockpicking skills and knowledge of the inner workings of safes are considered to have been the secret key. Her expertise is evident at this trade. In the end, her actions allowed them to successfully breach the safe, and thus allow them to perpetrate the act of committing the crime.

4. What did the judge think regarding the manner in which maids are treated with dignity and respect in the process of determining the sentence Tan?

Judge presiding in the case against the lady who convinced her boyfriend, as well as his twin, to steal from her family , said that she must have dealt with her servants with dignity prior to serving her sentence. The judge highlighted that it is important to treat others with dignity and respect regardless of the role they play within society. She also stated failure to do this results in consequences. Judge noted that the case serves as a lesson for everybody to treat with respect the rights of others, and not take any action that might be inimical to that end, The judge also said that her theft from the family was a very serious offense, and she ought to have thought about her feelings about both household members and her own family prior to when she committed the crime.

A Brief Summary

The woman who sexually assaulted two domestic workers as well as the woman who solicited her boyfriend’s twin brother to steal S$57,000 from family members are unacceptable acts which must be and punished. To avoid similar incidents in the future, society should hold people accountable. The judge’s sentence of Tiffany Tan Hwee Hwee to 10 months in prison and 60 hours of community service was legal. The court also acknowledged that Tiffany Tan Hwee Hwee had shown some signs of remorse.


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