Examining the Roots of Terror in Peshawar: Uncovering the Causes of Violence in a Troubled Region

Today, a suicide attack occurred at a mosque in the Police Lines in Peshawar, Pakistan. The incident resulted in the injury of 147 people including many critically ill. We feel their pain and loss our thoughts and prayers are with the victims. Shehbaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has strongly condemned the attack and has quickly sent security forces and emergency teams on the scene. He has also announced that the Federal government will assist in enhancing security capabilities of provinces in order to reduce the risk of similar attacks happening again in the future.

1. What happened during Peshawar that caused the injuries of 147?

The tragic incident that took place in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan on June 23rd of 2020 which resulted in 147 injuries and 17 dead. The reports indicate that a bomb was detonated in the vicinity of a mosque, causing terrible injuries and death. The blast is believed to have been the work of one of the suicide bombers who was at the mosque, but the motive behind the attack is not yet known. The destruction that resulted was horrific and many victim’s injuries being severe fractures, burns, and , in some instances, irreparable injuries. Following the blast Pakistan’s Pakistani government has pledged to improve security measures and get justice served to those responsible for the attack.

3. Did Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif severely denounced?

The Prime Premier Shehbaz Sharif from Pakistan has strongly denounced the devastating attack that took place on the town of Peshawar in which at seventeen people died and 90 were injured. The attack on Peshawar, that took place in March 2013, was a detestable and unjust attack. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has strongly condemned the attack as a sign of his firmness in the government against terrorist attacks. The Prime Minister’s declaration is that these acts can not be tolerated, and that the people responsible for this terrorist attack will be brought to trial. The government of Pakistan has taken a strong position against terrorism and has committed to bring justice. This is a major first step in bringing peace, and stability in the region.

4. How many deaths did the victims suffer in the aftermath of the attack on Kocha Risaldar in Peshawar?

The news about the fatal bombing attack that killed a number of people in the Kocha Risaldar area of Peshawar is deeply grieving. It is said that at the around 17 people are injured and another 90 are injured as a result of the blast. This tragedy serves as an eye-opening reminder of the vulnerability of human life and the volatility of the situation in this region. Even though the exact cause behind the attack is still unknown however, it underscores the necessity to take all steps necessary to protect the life and property of the people living in the region. The number of fatalities of this incident is one of the most stark reminders of the need for vigilance and the necessity of a swift reaction to any threat that could be posed.

Quick Summary

The heinous act of terrorism seeks to create a culture that is based on fear and hatred in our society. In condemnation of this tragedy the Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for urgent investigation of the suicide bombing. We are deeply sorry for the families of those who were harmed by this senseless attack. Everyone must stand with one voice to protest the terror acts of violence and join forces to ensure the prevention of any further terrorist attacks.


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