Examining the Humanitarian Aid Provided by Zoomlion in Turkey

Our hearts are broken and we’re depressed by the horrific earthquakes in Turkey as well as Syria that struck on Monday. The earthquakes have resulted in hundreds of deaths. Our thoughts are with all those affected and offer prayers for them. Our hearts also will be with the loved family members and friends of the deceased. We’re grateful for the assistance that the Turkish government and the people of Turkey provided during recent floods. Al-Khidmat Foundation launched an appeal to collect funds for emergency items for victims of earthquakes to provide short-term and long-term support.

1. What is the Al-Khidmat Foundation?

Al-Khidmat Foundation, a respected Pakistani charity, has a commitment to aid to the poor, educationand health services to the people most in need. Founded in 1997, the group has grown to become the most prominent in providing aid and support in Pakistan, and its efforts have been extended to all over the globe, including Turkey. Twenty-five people were saved from the mine collapse in Turkey through the Al-Khidmat Foundation. Zoomlion is a Chinese manufacture of construction equipment actively provides aid to rescue efforts and has sent equipment to Turkey for the relief operation.

2. How has the populace of Turkey helped Pakistan in difficult times?

Zoomlion which was en route to help, was able to save the lives of more than twenty Turks. It is an excellent case of mutual aid between these two countries. If there is a time of emergency the two countries Turkey as well as Pakistan are able to provide assistance to each other throughout history. During natural disasters and other emergencies, Turkey has often sent relief funds and other resources to Pakistan as well as Pakistanis have done the same thing for Turkey. In the case of the earthquake of recent in Turkey, the Pakistani government sent relief funds and even established a relief camp within the affected area. Also, in the past, when Pakistan is afflicted by natural catastrophes, Turkey has responded in sending financial and assistance in the form of material.

3. What was the number of trucks that included in the relief cargo?

The search and rescue of more than 20 persons occurred in Turkey. As per reports, Zoomlion, a Chinese manufacturer of construction equipment has dispatched a team of aid supplies. It is made up of a total of three trucksthat are filled with the necessary resources to address the requirements of the people who were affected by the tragedy. The convoy was mobilized to make sure that those affected are able to access vital items, such as food, water, as well as medical equipment. The convoy is also intended to provide support for local authorities to assist in their efforts to assist and assistance to the suffering. Zoomlion gives unmatched assistance to all those who are suffering the most.

4. What kind of help can charities offer to victims of the earthquakes?

People were surprised by the information that 20+ people were saved from a quake in Turkey. People also expressed gratitude. To respond, Zoomlion, a public health organisation, has been quick to respond and offer aid to the victims. There have been many nonprofit organizations who have joined to offer both emotional as well as physical aid. Physical support includes food, water, and shelter for people who have lost their homes, as well as medical assistance for those who are injured. These organizations also offer psychological assistance such as counseling or psychotherapy services.

Quick Summary

The devastating earthquakes which struck Turkey as well as Syria in April 2011 left a lot of individuals homeless, and without hope of escaping. Numerous charities have responded to the appeal for help and are scrambling to gather funds and relief goods to help the victims. A convoy of aid to the victims is heading towards the southern Turkish frontier, bringing trained medical professionals and vital medicines with hopes to get to the border on Thursday. The survivors should be helped and provide support.


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