Italian American pride on display at the Columbus Day Parade

On the morning of Monday, Fifth Avenue in New York City held the annually Columbus Day Parade – the biggest celebration in the world of Italian-American culture and heritage. The Columbus Citizen Foundation is a non-profit association that runs every year the parade. This year saw over 50 different groups participating, comprising hundreds of marching bands. At various street corners along 3rd and 4th streets, Italian flags were being sold to passersby. Jenna Espisito, a singer famous for her dedication to her love of the “Great Italian American Songbook” was on a float while performing.

The parade included floats that had musicians blaring out songs that could be heard for miles away. One woman distributed Italian chocolates and flags to another float. Many people waited in line for a chance to walk across the road for more than 1 minute. Chris Vaccaro was a trustee of the Italian American Baseball Foundation and took part in the parade, along with his wife, and their little youngsters. The wagon was decorated with Italian flags as well as the American flag, and streamers were adorned in three colors – green, red, and white. They represent the colors used by Italy’s flag.

According to Vaccaro memories are what is the primary reason for a holiday. Making memories and sharing stories, as well as engaging in wonderful discussions with your loved ones and relatives. It’s all about celebrating the contributions and resilience of Indigenous people and remembrance their failed promises.

Southeast Italy and a first-generation American. She stood with her husband alongside a car adorned in Italian flag’s colors at the intersection of Third Street and fifth avenue. It was the third time she was participating in this year’s Columbus Day Parade. She explained that her father was through a lot of hardships for his journey to this point. It was important that people are remembered and honored.

People have been criticized for celebrating Columbus Day in recent years. The argument is that it’s a celebration of the exploration which led to the treatment of indigenous peoples. State legislators have proposed the bill to change the official holiday of Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day. The bill summary states “Indigenous People’s Day reimagines Columbus Day and changes a commemoration of colonialism into an opportunity for revealing facts about the past.

Vaccaro declared that it was crucial for Indigenous peoples in Americas to recognize and remember how they fight against the injustices occurring. “I think it’s important to recognize the different beliefs of each person and to recognize anyone who calls it Indigenous People’s Day. It’s important to be at ease with other viewpoints however the celebration isn’t widely accepted by everyone. Prudente stated that this day could not be called “Columbus Day” and instead “Italian-American Heritage Day”. Scelsa stated that he believes Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day should both be celebrated by having separate celebrations.


Though there has been some controversy about the holiday of Columbus Day, it is vital to understand that this holiday is all about celebrating exploration and discovery. The shift to Indigenous People’s Day is a way to acknowledge the historical discrimination against Indigenous peoples and recognize their contribution to the world.


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