What fans can expect from Bevan French now that he has signed a new contract with Wigan Warriors

British Warriors sign a new contract with French star Bevan

Bevan is set to sign a new contract with the British Warriors, joining the team for the 2020 season. The 25-year-old is set to be joined by his teammate Jarad Evans in the 2020 season. Bevan is the former world champion and has also won numerous French championships. Bevan is now a professional wrestler and is considered one of the world’s top grapplers. The signing comes at a time that British Warriors British Warriors need to strengthen their roster. Owen Farrell and George Ford have recently been signed by the club. The team is set for growth in 2020 thanks to Bevan joining the team.

Bevan is set to join with the British Warriors team.

Bevan the British warrior, has signed up to be part of the French squad for the upcoming season. Bevan will be joining the French side after departing Scottish Warriors in the summer of 2017. The news will come as a surprise to the majority of people, considering it looks like Bevan will remain with Scotland until at least the final day of his contract.He has stated that: “I’m really excited to join France and can’t be more excited to begin preparing with them.”

Bevan and The British Warriors: A New Contract

In the terms of the contract extension, Bevan is expected to join his British Warriors team from 2018-2021. Bevan will assist in winning matches in the club. In addition, Bevan will play a role in the success at all games played and will assist them to achieve their objectives.

Bevan Will Play In All their matches

Beavan will begin playing for his team the British Warriors in 2018 and his presence will be seen throughout every game. Beavan can also assist the team achieve their goals by being a part in every match.

Bevan helps the British Warriors win

Beavan will have a major role in the British Warriors team and he’ll assist them in winning games regardless of the situation. Beavan is excited about this opportunity and anticipates being able to contribute to the team’s progress. Bevan has been signed to be a part of the British Warriors for two years under the terms of this new contract. Bevan will join the team having experience in both France as well as England. The contract is reportedly in the region of PS40,000 per season this is an impressive amount of money for an athlete who only has a sporadic sporting career.Bevan’s signing comes as an enormous boost for British Warriors, who are determined to build their squad depth and provide an increased level of competition to get into the English Premiership. The signing of Bevan gives players with experience who can be a contender for the gold next year. The player will also receive a pay package in the range of PS40,000 per year. This money will be used to pay for Bevan’s costs on the field with British Warriors. This will allow him to cut down on travel costs as well as allow Bevan to be part of the team for an additional two years. Bevan will work with Dan Cole, the new director of the team. Bevan has stated that he’s eager to work with the team in the English as well as French leagues. Bevan also has plans of participating in international tournaments. Bevan is expected to join British Warriors in the coming season. The team will begin the 2018/19 season. Bevan was 23, who has been a part of L’Equipe in France as well as Montpellier. The player is expected to join British Warriors at the start of the next season. The contract he signed will keep him at the club through 2019. At current prices, the deal will be approximately PS40,000 per month. Bevan received a 4-year deal that would allow him to make a salary of PS160,000 per year. The deal will see Bevan remain with the club up to 2021. Bevan will earn approximately PS60,000 each year. It’s less than what he made while playing for Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1, but more than what he earns with British Warriors.


Bevan is set to join the British Warriors team and play with them throughout their games. Bevan will be an international top-ranked athlete and help win all team competitions. Bevan’s contract to British Warriors will last for three years. In that time he’ll have an impression on the team and assist them in winning matches.


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